10 of the Best Baby Classes in Leeds 

We are super lucky to have so many brilliant baby classes in Leeds. Baby classes are a great way to get out of the house, try something different and meet new people. It can be a little daunting heading out with your new baby at the start but once you get through the door of your first class you will be hooked! 

1. Baby Massage with The Daisy Foundation 

Baby massage is fabulous for your baby’s development and a really lovely way to bond with your newborn. It’s usually the first class that new mums try out so you will be surrounded by lots of other mums with tiny babies who are all at the same stage of their journey into motherhood as you are. Don’t worry that no one will talk to you or that your baby will cry throughout the lesson - everyone is there for the same reason as you so bite the bullet and sign up for ‘Tinies’ classes with The Daisy Foundation.

2. Swimming Lessons with Baby Swimmers 

I loved taking my daughter to swimming lessons as a baby. It was terrifying when I had to dunk her under the water for the first time but that’s to be expected! I found that the biggest benefit to baby swimming classes was that it made both my daughter and I confident in the water. When we went on our first family holiday I knew the pool would be a real hit and I got to show daddy all the new skills we had been learning. 

3. Messy Play with Boomchikkaboom

Messy play is great for your baby’s development and no one does it better than Boomchikkaboom! Their classes are usually themed (very instagram-able!)and they go to so much effort to find new and original sensory experiences for your little one so you could go to a hundred of their messy play classes and feel like no two were the same. I even booked them for my own daughter’s birthday party a couple of years ago which was a real hit. 

4. Baby Yoga with Flutterbabies 

This was possibly my favourite class purely because my daughter always had THE BEST nap afterwards. It’s a combination of baby and mummy yoga poses with an emphasis on strengthening your pelvic floor and increasing your baby’s range of motion. The instructor made sure everything we did was safe for baby and comfortable for mummy. It was fun to practice the moves and poses at home too and made for some interesting conversation when grandparents popped over mid routine! 

5. Music Classes with Music Bugs 

This class holds a special place in my heart as it was the first one I ever attended with my daughter. You will learn lots of lovely new songs and your baby will get to explore the musical toys and be thoroughly entertained by your new finger puppet skills. 

6. Baby Sensory with Baby Sensory Leeds

Baby sensory classes are a great way to introduce your baby to new sensory experiences and make new friends along the way. You will do lots of creative play, tummy time, learn songs, explore new smells and tastes, feel new textures and even do a bit of baby sign language. It’s a real all-rounder. 

7. Baby Gymnastics with The Little Gym 

We only discovered The Little Gym when my daughter was 2 and I so wish I had founded it sooner. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see weekly Little Gym snaps on my stories. All of the instructors are amazing. The equipment is new, clean and designed with little ones in mind. You will get to teach your baby new skills and having so much fun doing it. 

8. Dance Classes with Swing Sling

Babywearing is perfect for bonding but I only ever used my sling for walking our dog which is a bit of a shame. Swing classes incorporate babywearing and dance so you get to have a bit of a workout while still bonding with your baby. 

9. Fitness Classes with Sweaty Mama

Getting back into a fitness routine after having a baby can be tough. You also need to consider the changes your body is going through and make sure you do exercises that aid your recovery and not set you back and finding childcare is a whole other issue. The Sweaty Mama classes are great for building your fitness back up while your baby is right there with you.  

10. The Baby Cinema with Everyman Cinema 

OK, it’s not a class but I couldn’t not mention the baby cinema! Lots of cinemas have weekly showings (some even more frequent) that are designed for parents to attend with their babies. I particularly loved the Everyman Cinema because the cost of your movie ticket also covered a hot drink and a slice of cake which were both delivered to your seat/sofa.  They turn the volume down a little and the lights up slightly and then you get to sit back and enjoy the latest release while sipping your latte and enjoying a slice of Toblerone cheesecake - it’s like a dream come true. 

There are always new baby classes popping up all over Leeds so don’t be afraid to look around, ask for recommendations and try a few out. 

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