10 Things You Must Do in your Third Trimester 

Whether your pregnancy has been a total breeze or a bit of a rollercoaster, reaching your third trimester is cause for celebration. 

Your baby is about to do some serious growing over the next couple of months so you might not be able to touch your toes for much longer and a good nights sleep will probably be a distant memory and don’t even get me started on the heartburn! 

There are some upsides though:  

1. Count the Kicks

Those little kicks you’ve been feeling for a few weeks are about to get stronger. That was my favourite part of my pregnancy. Sometimes I found it impossible to believe that I had a baby inside of me so her little kicks, wriggles and hiccups were really reassuring. 

Be sure to count your baby’s kicks regularly and if you notice a reduction in movement, contact your midwife or local maternity assessment unit straight away - you can never been too safe. 

2. Showered with Love

Now is the perfect time to have a baby shower. Some mummies-to-be like a low key get together at their favourite restaurant and others like a dazzling party with customised balloons, handmade cake and lots of themed games. The choice is yours. You’ve been working hard growing your tiny human, you deserve to be showered with love by your nearest and dearest. 

3. Shop Til You Drop

Another one of my pregnancy highlights was buying tiny baby clothes and daydreaming about dressing my daughter in gorgeous sleepsuits from The White Company, or laying her down to nap in her beautiful Silver Cross cotbed and of course I absolutely had to have a Bugaboo pram. I’m usually not very materialistic but I had waited for this baby for a really long time so I wanted everything to be perfect and to give her the very best. 

4. Birth Prep

If you haven’t already, now is definitely the time to sign up to some birth prep classes. Kayleigh over at The Daisy Foundation runs a brilliant selection of classes aimed at local expectant mums and she goes out of her way to help you build friendships with fellow classmates so that you have a lovely, supportive group of women to share your journey with. 

5. Get Packing

Packing your hospital bag can be really stressful. Am I packing enough, or too much? What if I forget something? What if I have to stay in longer than a day or two? What if, what if, what if. I’ve put together a free Hospital Bag Checklist which you are more than welcome to sign up for here

6. Babymoon 

It’s possibly too late for a holiday abroad but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t book a romantic weekend away here in the UK. A relaxing spa weekend would be a perfect way to unwind and enjoy your last few weeks of rest and relaxation. You’re going to need your energy for those early newborn days so stock up now! 

7. Capture the Moment 

You really will miss your bump when it’s gone. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this amazing stage in your life with a maternity shoot. The perfect time for a maternity photo shoot is when you are around 28-34 weeks into your pregnancy. My maternity shoots are a little different to most so I would recommend checking out my portfolio over on my maternity page and maybe have a read of my maternity blog to get an idea of what it is that makes my photos different.

8. Read the Instructions

*Disclaimer* babies do not come with instructions! But, do you know what does? Their prams. And their car seats. And their bouncers and so on. 

Have a go at putting your pram up and down and making sure it can fit in your boot. Practice putting a teddy bear in and out of your car seat, figure out how to tighten and then loosen the straps, practice putting the car seat in and out of your car. Work out how to use the bouncer - what do the different settings do. How does the bottle steriliser work? How do you assemble your breast pump? You get the idea. 

Try to figure all of these things out before your baby arrives otherwise,  the first time you come to do it, you will likely be exhausted, hormonal and holding a tiny baby. Being prepared will make you feel in control - having a newborn will make you feel the exact opposite! 

9. Book Your Newborn Shoot

Most newborn photographers, myself included, book up a few months in advance. Once you have found a photographer who’s style you love, don’t hesitate to get in touch and get your due date pencilled in their diary. 

There are lots of things to consider when booking your photographer but the number one factor must be safety. Make sure that whoever you are entrusting your precious baby with knows exactly how to pose safely. Don’t be shy to ask what training they have received and read their reviews and ask to visit their studio before your shoot. A newborn photo shoot is something you only get one shot at so don’t risk booking someone who you’re not 100% confident in. 

10. Me Time

Last but certainly not least, fit in some quality me time. Have long baths, meet friends for lunch, go to the movies, have a pregnancy massage, get your nails done. Anything to make you feel pampered, relaxed and content. Try to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy rather than endure them. 


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