5 Top Tips For Finding Your Feet After Giving Birth

Tammy over at Primal has put together a fab blog post aimed at mummies who are wanting to get back on track with their own health and fitness goals. I hope you enjoy it! 

5 Top Tips For Finding Your Feet After Giving Birth

5 Top Tips For Finding Your Feet After Giving Birth

Bringing a little one into the world can cast a lot of smoke over remembering how important you are. You have this precious little person you've created and any care and attention for yourself can fly out the window. 

You spend every waking hour thinking and doing for someone else. But your wellbeing is probably at its utmost importance at this time. 

There will be sleepless nights, forgetting to eat or shovelling in what you can when you remember to eat. There may be times when once the little one gets to sleep, you feel you've got to finish all the chores you didn't get done or slump in front on the TV to wind down. Your body has been put through a major change and it needs now more than ever for you to look after it. So here are some simple tips to remember and try out:

1. Remember you're not alone

There are many new mum's going through the same stages as you, so what better way to handle these new challenges than with other people going through similar things. 

Joining groups whether it be on social media or in person are great places to start. This is again where exercise can be a great place to start, it helps you socialise with other mum's whilst also getting those endorphins going. 

2. Do one small thing for yourself each day

Finding time for yourself is bound to be much more challenging at this stage. That's why finding something small you can achieve is ideal. This can be anything from getting out for a walk, meditating 5-10 minutes, having a bath or even getting the chance to wash your hair! This is probably a big change of pace to your usual level of achievement, but if you aim for one thing each day you can gradually build on it from there.

3. Outsource 

Remember the support you have around you, this can be from family, friends or even available services. Certain jobs can be done by someone else, giving you more time to focus on your baby and yourself.

Cooking can become quite the task, but not having time doesn't mean you need to survive on toast and crisps. Try a “home cooked" food delivery service such as Cook. Meals are reasonably priced and can be heated in the oven from frozen so you don’t even need to remember to take something out of the freezer!

Supermarket shopping with a baby might not be your favourite thing to do. It's busy, noisy and can become even more stressful if baby has a meltdown. So make it a little easier for yourself, get you shopping delivered to your door, this can help alleviate a lot of pressure.

Don't be afraid to accept help or ask for it. When friends ask you if you need any help, say yes! Ask them to pick up essentials for you before they come for a visit. It’ll save you a job and make them feel like they’ve done something useful. 

4. Get moving again

Exercise after birth can feel daunting, but prioritising this alongside getting sleep as and when possible and trying to push for nutrients is very important at this stage. 

Firstly your habits can become your baby's habits, secondly you are at your best when your feeding yourself well and nourishing yourself. Lastly sleep is a necessity of life. Think of how different you feel after a nights rest to no rest. Obviously sleep is easier said than done when a little one is involved, but this is where relaxation and a night time routine can help. Once baby is asleep use this as time to wind your brain down. 
5 Top Tips For Finding Your Feet After Giving Birth
5. Don't beat yourself up!

We're only human, even though you're expected to be superwoman, you can only do and give so much. But you'll be able to give a lot more if you have time to tune in to how you're feeling.

So if you can't make it to the exercise class don't worry and feel like you have to give up. Try again next time! On those days where you wanted to have home cooked nourishing meals, but you ended up going for what's convenient, try again next time! Those nights where you swear to relax with a book after baby's sleeping, but you end up at all hours. Try again next time. There is always time to try and try again.

So there you have it, 5 efforts and changes that can make a big difference along your way through motherhood. Remember, thinking about yourself isn't selfish, you have to make sure you are at your best to be the best for your baby. Always reach out if you need too, sometimes the best comfort is of people going through the same thing as you. You can share experiences learn from each other and most importantly feel supported. 

At Primal we'd like to help you along the way and help you meet new mums. We have specialised Post Natal classes, where you and baby can come along to socialise, swap stories, whilst getting yourself moving. So why not try a taster class? We offer 2 FREE sessions for everyone. 


5 Top Tips For Finding Your Feet After Giving Birth