5 Ways to Enjoy Social Distancing While Pregnant 

I imagine there are some really disappointed mums-to-be out there right now who have had to cancel so many things they were looking forward to and even more expectant mums who are stressed, worried and scared. 

Social distancing while pregnant doesn’t have to be a terrible thing though. Here’s some suggestions to help you enjoy this time:

1. Start a Memory Book 

If you haven’t already got a baby book, you can still order one online. Most baby memory books have a section for ‘the bump’. Now is the perfect time to document all of the things you have experienced in your pregnancy. Write down where you were when you found out you were pregnant, what cravings you have had, how you felt at your first scan, the first thing you bought for your baby, the first time you felt them move and anything else you can think of. 

5 ways to enjoy social distancing while pregnant

2. Make the Nursery Pinterest-Worthy 

If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, head over to Pinterest for some inspiration. There are lots of lovely, little, creative online businesses that are still working hard to support their families during these uncertain times and they would really appreciate your custom. Pop on to Etsy, type in ‘nursery decor’ followed by the theme you have chosen (e.g. jungle, bunnies, nautical) and you will be amazed by the lovely creations you find. Pop your orders in now so we have plenty of time for our postal services to get them to you.

5 ways to enjoy social distancing while pregnant

3. Pamper Yourself 

Have a long bath, surrounded by candles, with music playing in the background. Put a face mask on, pop a conditioning treatment in your hair, enjoy a hot cup of tea. Take naps! Lots of naps. Now is the time to slow down and try to relax.

4. Reconnect with your Partner 

Pretty soon you’re going to be so busy looking after a tiny newborn that you’re going to forget what life was like when there was just 2 of you. Now is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your spouse and just enjoy each others company. Have date nights at home, picnics in the garden, look through old photos of you together, go for a walk hand in hand, cook together or watch a movie together while snuggled under a blanket. 

5 ways to enjoy social distancing while pregnant

5. Take a Break from Social Media

You’re probably checking in on social media now more than ever but every single post is about Covid-19 and it’s just depressing. Keeping in touch with your friends and family is important but right now, social media isn’t the best place to do that. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media and leave your phone in another room so you’re not tempted to log back in. Why not call a friend or better still, FaceTime them. Seeing and speaking to someone other than the people in your household can really lift your spirits.

Just remember, this isn’t going to last forever. 

Take care 

Clare x