How to Prepare for your Newborn Shoot 

A handy guide to help you prepare for your newborn shoot with Austhorpe Photography. 

Firstly, huge congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby! I hope these early days are really enjoyable for you although I know from experience that life with a newborn can be more challenging than you ever anticipated. I promise your hormones will soon settle, you won’t be sore forever and you WILL get a full nights sleep one day in the not too distant future. 

If you haven’t already contacted me to book your newborn shoot into my diary then don’t put it off a moment longer. The sooner I learn of your baby’s arrival, the more choice of dates I can offer you. You can call, text, email or drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram - whatever is easier for you. And don’t worry if it’s really late at night when you get around to contacting me, I’ll pick up your message in the morning and get back to you as soon as I possibly can. 

How to prepare for a newborn shoot

Pre-Shoot Consultation 

I have a pre-shoot consultation with all of my clients. That sounds far more formal than it really is. I basically just have a 10 minute chat with my clients, either over the phone or in person, about their style. It’s really important to me that you love these photos and that they are in keeping with your style and will look beautiful in your home. 

We will cover things like colour and tone preferences, favourite poses, any must have shots, what accessories you do or don’t like, whether you prefer light and airy photos or woody, high contract black and white images and so on. I’ll also ask where you plan to display your portraits and find out a little more about your home. The more I understand your taste before your shoot, the more I can prepare for your arrival and ensure I create a gallery of images that are totally bespoke and perfect for you. 

How to prepare for a newborn shoot

What Should I Wear? 

I always recommend doing at least one family shot because they are the photos that your children will adore the most in years to come. Don’t worry about your mummy tummy or the blemish on your chin that appeared overnight, a combination of posing, light and photoshop will take care of any concerns you may have. 

I advise parents to wear simple clothing, in classic shapes, block colours and neutral tones. They will stand the test of time much better. Avoid large logos, shirts with collars and anything with a pattern. I would also suggest finding a little time before your shoot to style your hair and maybe apply a touch of makeup just so you feel more confident in front of the camera. 

And bring spare clothing for any accidents that baby may have! 

What Should My Baby Wear? 

I photograph newborns either naked or swaddled (depending on your preference) so you don’t need to bring any specific clothing for your baby. My only recommendation would be to dress your baby in clothes that are easy to remove (avoid anything with buttons, especially clothing with buttons on the back). 

How to prepare for a newborn shoot

What Should I Bring to my Newborn Shoot? 

Bring plenty of nappies and wipes, bottles and formula (if you’re not breastfeeding) and a dummy (if using). Pack a spare set of clothes for the whole family and feel free to bring snacks.

How Long Does a Newborn Shoot Take? 

My newborn shoots typically take around 3-4 hours. My aim is to get baby full, warm and comfortable so that they are happy to be moved and gently posed. 

It can often take a fair bit of time to get babies really sleepy and sometimes parents start to panic when their baby doesn’t fall asleep straight away. Please don’t worry, ALL newborns sleep eventually and there’s nothing I love more than cuddling babies while I’m waiting for them to drift off and awake shots are my absolute favourites anyway. 

Because of the extra movement and stimulation and the warm environment we will be working in, you may find that your baby requires more feeds than usual and may need extra nappy changes. If you’re breastfeeding, there will be absolutely no rushing to get baby fed and handed back over to me - take your time, relax and try to enjoy the experience.   

How to prepare for a newborn shoot

What if We are Running late? 

Leaving the house with a newborn baby can be hard work. I take this into consideration and allow a little wiggle room for appointment times so please don’t panic, just keep me informed if you’re running late. 

Do I Need to Pay Anything on the Day? 

You won’t need to pay anything on the day of your shoot as you will have already paid a £99 deposit and no further payment is required until you come to view your edited images and select a package approximately 1-2 weeks after your shoot. 

I hope that covers everything you need but if not, drop me a message and I’ll happily answer any questions you may have. 

I look forward to welcoming you and your new addition to my studio very soon. 

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