Meet Emma from Mimi Makes 

IKEA high chair covers may have been where it all started but now the possibilities are endless. 

Yesterday I spent the morning photographing the lovely Emma from Mimi Makes and her office mascot, Ralph. 

Mimi Makes

I have followed Emma on Instagram for a few months now and genuinely love her products (and bought from her). And if you follow my Instagram stories or you have signed up to my e-mailing list, you will have no doubt seen me sharing examples of her gorgeous work. 

What is Mimi Makes?

Emma describes herself as "just a mum who likes to make things" but she is so much more. 

Mimi Makes started from a simple idea which caught the eye of many mums (and some very popular YouTubers). If you’re a mum, you will have no doubt seen the ‘Antilop’ IKEA high chair and if you don’t own one yourself, you will definitely know someone that does. 

The Antilop is brilliant and one of IKEA’s best selling items. The white plastic chair is easy to wipe and the simple design suits most home decor styles. IKEA also make a cushion for the Antilop so your little one can be supported and sit steadily while enjoying their meals. Lots of restaurants use this high chair so even if you don’t have one, the chances are your baby has/will sit in one at some point or another. Well done IKEA! 

What’s not to love?

Well, EVERYONE has the exact same (dare I say, boring) white high chair and cushion. Emma came up with the brilliant idea of making a cover for the cushion in a wipeable, patterned fabric so the highchair you’re going to be wiping down daily for the next couple of years can be a pretty addition to your home decor and just as unique as you and your baby.  

Mimi Makes

Following the success of the cushion cover, Emma has expanded her product line and now offers splash mats, potty mats, NHS red book wallets and decorative ornaments all of which can be personalised. 

Mimi Makes

Brand Photography

We arranged a Brand Photography session to document all the different aspects of Emma’s business. Any business with an online presence requires high quality images to share on social media and use on their website (stock photos and iPhone selfies just don’t cut it anymore).  And as customers we love to see behind the scenes and get to know the people behind the brand which is exactly what my Brand Photography sessions aim to do. 

Emma is brilliant at creating flat-lays and can already take decent photos of her products so we focused on what her social media feeds are lacking - shots of her, doing her thing,  behind the scenes, creating beautiful handmade products and being an amazing Mumpreneur. 

Anyone that has ever started their own business knows just how much hard work and dedication is required and Emma is no exception. Emma does everything herself from designing, sourcing materials, hand-making her goods, packing orders, photographing products, updating her website, running her social media accounts, responding to customer questions, the list is endless. 


Mimi Makes

Mimi makes

What’s Next For Mimi Makes 

Emma is working on expanding her product lines even further (I’m particularly excited about the nappy bag she told me about) and hopes to be designing her own printed fabrics in the not too distant future! So, be sure to follow her on Instagram because she’s certainly one to watch.

If you would like to learn more about my Brand Photography Sessions, please call or email me for an informal chat.