Why Does My Baby Hate Their Moses Basket? 

At every newborn shoot parents will say their baby "HATES the Moses basket" but I promise that’s not the case - they just love you more. 

The Fourth Trimester

Have you heard of the fourth trimester? It starts the moment your baby is born and lasts around 12 weeks and is one of the most challenging life experiences for you and your baby.


Your gorgeous baby was living in a perfect bubble for 9 months. They never felt too hot or cold, hungry or thirsty and they were lovely and snug in a tight, secure ball. 

Then they went through the trauma of being born and, let’s be honest, that must be pretty scary! 

Imagine being plucked from your perfect little life and dropped into a whole new world where there are new sights, sounds, tastes, smells and nothing is familiar. I think I would need a hug after all of that too! 

Your job now is to make your baby feel safe and secure and help them adapt to their new world. 

newborn baby boy in grey knitted romper

What Can I Do? 

Firstly you have to meet their basic needs - keep them warm (but not hot), feed them on demand, help them bring their wind up and change them when they are wet/dirty etc. 

Also make sure their clothes and blankets are made from super soft material - their skin is so delicate and sensitive right now so a slightly itchy material will be really uncomfortable for them. 

Then you need to make them feel loved and secure and the absolute best way of doing that is by holding them, letting them feel your warmth, breathe in your scent and feel your body gently moving with every breath you take. 

backlit photo of mum holding newborn baby girl

How to Get Your Baby To Sleep in Their Moses Basket 

You can’t always hold your baby. At some point you need to sleep, eat, shower or just give your arms a break. So you need to make them feel safe and secure in their Moses basket (or whatever else you are using). 

newborn baby girl holding mum and dads fingers


Swaddling is amazing. If I have an unsettled baby at a newborn shoot I will always wrap them up tight to help them drift off to sleep. You can swaddle your baby with a piece of soft fabric, a thin blanket or you can buy special swaddling sleeping bags (Amazon have loads!) that will make it really easy. Be mindful of your baby’s hips, they need to be able to move them freely otherwise it could cause problems later in life (my wrapping method is not suitable for everyday use but is fine for 30 minutes at a newborn shoot). 

6 week old newborn baby girl wrapped in white and smiling

White Noise

You could also try playing some white noise for your baby. The womb is an incredibly noisy place. Your baby will have heard you chatting to friends, listening to music, singing to yourself and even when you were sitting in complete silence they will have constantly heard your heart beating. You can buy special toys that play white noise or there are loads of apps you can download on to your phone. 

If your baby is fed, warm, comfortable and feeling secure they will pretty much sleep anywhere.

Newborn twin girls surrounded by fresh flowers in digital composite

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