October is my favourite month BY FAR. The leaves are changing colour, the days are getting shorter, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu and it’s the month of Halloween. 

As a child I dressed up as a witch every year, without fail, and happily knocked on every one of my neighbours doors. It was so much fun to get dressed up, have my picture taken along side my brothers and then head out into the cold night to collect my treats. 

I reluctantly hung up my witches hat when I started high school and trick or treating just wasn’t cool anymore (*sobs*). Instead I watched scary movies and handed out lollies to all the little wizards and ghouls that knocked on my parents door. Those were sad, sad years.

Now that I have a little monster of my own I can unleash my inner child and enjoy everything that Halloween has to offer again. 

The shops are filled with costumes, sweets and decorations. Farmer Copley has fields full of pumpkins for you to pick yourself and carve there and then. BoomChikkaBoom have special raves and messy playa sessions. Jackrabbits Pottery have shelves loaded with ghoulish trinkets for you to paint. There are countless other events taking place across the country, just search ‘Halloween’ on Facebook and loads of local businesses will pop up all offering fun (and sometimes spooky) things to do. There’s so much more to Halloween than knocking on doors and getting sweets. 

I know lots of people will say that it’s ‘just for kids’ and that it’s ‘all a big marketing ploy’ to get us in the shops buying things we don’t need but to me it’s a chance to relive my childhood, make new traditions with my daughter and smile at all of your little ones who are joining in on the fun with us.