Why You Should Take Time Out During Your Second Pregnancy 

Guest blog post by Adele Potter from Bingley Birth Therapies 

The Second Time Around…

For some mums the first pregnancy can be a magical time, full of preparations, pampering, treats and special occasions.  But what about the second pregnancy? Do you have the time or the ‘space’ to fit in all those things while being mum to baby number one, working, and all the other roles you have in life?  

Maybe not.  Or it might just feel like you have done this bit before, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the pregnancy stage, you might be busy thinking about how your life will be changed with two babies.

What if I told you that taking time out in your second pregnancy is just as important?  At Bingley Birth Therapies I advocate a combination of yoga, massage and hypnotherapy to support your wellbeing through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.


Taking a weekly ‘Stretchy Mama’ pregnancy yoga class will help to tone and strengthen the body in preparation for birth.  Your body has already recovered from one pregnancy and birth, gentle physical preparation can help you not only get through the pregnancy as easily as possible but can also help your body to recover after the birth too.  Yoga also combines elements of breathwork, this supports the movement through the poses or ‘asana’ and in pregnancy yoga women are taught specific breathing techniques to support their birth too.  Traditionally at the end of a yoga class there is a ‘savasana’, relaxation or guided meditation, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  

For some second time mums this might feel like the only time in their week they get to take an hour out for themselves to gently stretch and relax.


Pregnancy massage again can help with the physical aspect of looking after your body, it can reduce aches and pains and stimulate those all important pain relieving endorphins.  This is helpful not only for pregnancy but during birth as well as it prepares you to be more responsive to the endorphins when you need it most.  Taking the time out to have a pregnancy massage with a specially trained therapist might feel like an indulgence when there are other financial considerations but those mums who have a massage leave feeling the benefit of their investment.

My Labour Massage Workshops are a fun way to get into massage by practicing a specific labour massage routine with your birth partner.  This can be amazing for stimulating those endorphins and boosting oxytocin which strengthens contractions helping you to deliver your baby.


Hypnotherapy comes into play to prepare the mind whether that’s dealing with stress or preparing to welcome baby number two.  You can practice hypnobirthing techniques to refresh your existing knowledge or follow a full hypnobirthing programme.  For those who may be feeling a little more pressure or who may have experienced their first birth as traumatic, hypnotherapy can be used to clear unhelpful thoughts and to bring feelings of positivity to the current pregnancy.

'Me Time'

But most importantly for the second time around, engaging in these wellbeing activities, allows mums that time out for themselves, time to just be and enjoy the pregnancy. Time to bond with baby. Time to invest in taking care of their physical and mental health.  

What some mums have said about their preparation the second time around:

‘I did loads of practical preparations for my first baby, I had the nursery all kitted out and my hospital essentials bag kitted out by 24 weeks.  With this pregnancy I’m taking more time for myself, learning more about my body and finding out about alternative therapies’

‘I love my weekly yoga classes, I attended in my first pregnancy and it was the best thing I did.  I learned loads about pregnancy and birth, I loved the physical practice and the breathing techniques I learned got me through labour.  I cant imagine a pregnancy without this class.  This time I love the fact I get an hour just for me and the relaxation at the end is amazing’

‘I came to pregnancy yoga classes with my first baby, I had practiced yoga before and really enjoyed putting the pregnancy spin on it, the breathing techniques are so good for birth.  I also had a pregnancy massage a few days before birth and felt great afterwards, so relaxed and just “ready”. I really want to achieve the same again, feeling prepared and relaxed about my baby’s arrival’

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