10 Ways to Have the Best Maternity Leave

1. Go to baby classes. Baby massage, baby yoga, baby sensory and messy play are all fab options. You will bond with your baby, meet other local mums, and your little one will love it too. 

2. Have coffee and cake dates. Arrange to meet up with your fellow mum friends for a natter over a coffee and maybe treat yourselves to a slice of cake - you do deserve it after-all. Or arrange to meet your friends on their lunch breaks and talk exclusively about non-baby related topics! 

3. Visit The Baby Cinema. Lots of cinemas now have weekly screenings that are just for babies and their carers. They are often a little cheaper and/or include a treat or two (my local Everyman Cinema gives you a free hot drink and a slice of cake - total bliss!). 

10 Ways to Have the Best Maternity Leave

4. Visit extended family. We are all so busy working, keeping up with our responsibilities and trying   to fit in a social life that we often don’t get to see the extended members of our families even though they live pretty close by. Arrange to visit great aunt Margaret - she will love seeing you and your gorgeous baby. 

5. Go on day trips. Babies are super portable (you can literally strap them to you!) so make the most of this phase and plan days out at places you love or maybe places you have always wanted to visit. The seaside is a lovely option. 

6. Make the most of nap times. Sometimes, your baby will sleep for 15 minutes and other times they will sleep for 3 hours. Don’t waste those precious hours cleaning the oven!! Do something enjoyable, pamper yourself, read a book, take up a hobby or just relax on the sofa with a cup of tea. 

7. Get out of the house EVERYDAY. Make it your mission to get both you and your baby washed and dressed and out of the door every single day. So many mums find maternity leave isolating but just going for a 15 minute walk around your neighbourhood can totally transform your mood.

10 Ways to Have the Best Maternity Leave

8. Have time away from your baby. It’s so important to have time to yourself. We all need to recharge. Get someone you trust to watch your baby even if it’s just for half an hour while you go for a run. I’m a much better mum when I’ve had a little time away from my daughter even though it kind of sucks to admit that! 

9. Go on holiday. Make the most of not having to submit a holiday request with work or fit in with school holidays. For ideas of where to go, see my blog 5 Best Holiday Destinations for Babies.

10. Join an online mums group. Facebook has countless groups but if you can’t find one that you like, start your own. It’s great to have the support of other mums as you stumble your way through the early months of motherhood and you might be able to help other mums too. 

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