What is a Cake Smash?

A Cake Smash is a photo shoot designed to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. We create a set, give your baby a cake, and then I take lots of photos of your baby having fun, licking icing, munching sponge and getting messy. Then we finish off with a dip in a bubble bath where splashing is very much encouraged! 

What is a cake smash?

Why Should I Book a Cake Smash? 

You survived a whole year of parenting! You have probably had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows - now’s the time to celebrate. And what better way to do so than with a personalised photoshoot where you get to create lovely memories and have photos that will last forever. You and your little one will look back at these photos for decades!

What is a cake smash?

How to Pick a Theme 

A good starting point for any Cake Smash is a theme. Some parents know exactly what they want (and they have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it) and others need a little help. 

We can do absolutely any theme imaginable - space, unicorns, jungle, flamingos - the options are endless! 

Or we can keep it simple and try to tie in with your home decor. Lots of parents purchase wall art from their Cake Smash Shoots to proudly display in their homes so planning a theme to suit a particular room is a wise approach. Pink and blue are always popular! 

What is a cake smash?

What Should I Bring? 

I provide the decorations and a bespoke cake so all you need to bring is the baby! 

I have a selection of outfits for your little one to use but you are very welcome to bring one of your own if you prefer. 

I also recommend bringing their favourite sippy cup (cake smashing is thirsty work) and a towel for after they have finished splashing in the bath. 

What is a cake smash?

What About All the Mess?? 

Getting messy is part of the fun! But cleaning it all up after can be a bit of a pain. That’s why I take care of all of it for you. My studio floors are wipeable so it’s really quick and easy to clear away all the mess in the time it takes you to dress your little one.

What is a cake smash?

When Should I Book?

As soon as possible! 

My favourite option is to shoot the Cake Smash on their actual birthday as it’s a lovely way for both you and your baby to celebrate this huge milestone.

Alternatively, we can do your Cake Smash a couple of weeks before baby’s birthday: this way you will get your images ready for the big day, in case you would like to display them at the party. 

I only book one shoot a day so if there is a particular date you would like, I would strongly recommend getting it booked in before someone else snaps it up. 

What is a cake smash?

How Do I Book?

Just drop me a message. You can find all my contact details on my Contact Page. 

All I need is a date, allergy info and a £99 deposit which then goes towards your chosen Package. 

What is a cake smash?

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